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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 3, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. questions tonight about millions of dollars of your tax money. was it spent appropriately? d.c.'s mayor says yes. city council says no way. and now they are passing an emergency law taking away some of the administration's spending powers. we have the news edge on d.c.. >> reporter: this is the one project that's actually almost done. the walker jones education complex, price tag, $47 million. the newly built elementary school, rec center, health center, and library serves the drug and violent plagued neighborhood. >> we cemented our commitment to make sure that the action that have gone on stop now. >> reporter: that said, the d.c. approved emergency legislation 10 opinion 3 to ban any further transfer of funds to
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the d.c. housing authority for more projects. members say they are struggling to get adequate oversight. >> what is oversight? it's a way of saying, all right, you have been laundering all these dollars, and now we simply want notification. >> reporter: the legislation they approved orders the parks department to notify the council of any new construction over $75,000. that's a f cry from the amount that normally triggers council approval, $1 million. it's about the money being spent, and tax paying residents are caught in the middle. they are the ones who live in the neighborhoods where the projects are desperately needed. like the walker jones project. >> i think the library and the rec center was needed so we can keep the kids off the street and they will have actually something fun to do after school. >> reporter: this council member wants to hear from the owner of the company. project manager of many of the
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questionable contracts, and keith low max with rpk landscaping, both friends of the mayors who have donated generously to his political campaigns. council member thomas has scheduled another in a series of hearings on this matter for thursday. city administrator is expected to resume testifying. >> also in the district, police are trying to track down whoever killed a popular restaurant owner. last night, the body of norra am aye ah was found inside her apartment. police say she had been strangled. investigators don't believe her apartment had been broken into it. two teenagers dead from gunshot wounds inside a home. tonight police the couple carried out a suicide pact. 17-year-old desiree patrick and 18-year-old korenuis williams
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died yesterday at her home. sherri ly has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police have not shed light on the mochb behind this suicide pact, but as recently as just a few weeks ago, a classmate says one of the teens talked about killing themselves. desiree patrick told a friend she was in love with williams, the 17-year-old girl and her 18-year-old boyfriend were found shot dead monday. police say the teens agreed to commit suicide. the teens went to forest park high school where classmates described desiree as quiet and someone who kept to herself. students say williams, who they called rain, was strange and dressed got like. last week, they said he wrote a sign of the devil on his forehead, and then there was another warning sign that few classmates took seriously. >> somehow we got on the topic about death, and he was like, he didn't really care about dying. and he will kill himself. that was three weeks ago. >> you would never thought.
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you just thought she was an every day girl going to school and getting her education. >> reporter: the family of williams says he never appeared suicidal. today in a statement, his mother described him as a gifted classical musician. williams had a loving heart and was adored by all. why they ended their lives this way, police and family are not saying. >> now the news edge on maryland, a houseful of birds goes up in flames. trapped inside the burning home, 22 pet birds including pairer pattots. only one para-keat survived. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. an nba star has been hit with serious gun charges. a grand jury returned an indictment against cleveland cavaliers guard west. he's charged with carrying
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concealed weapons. >> reporter: the indictment charges west with transporting the weapons as well as concealing them. police say the guard was riding a three-wheeled motorcycle when he cut an officer off on the beltway near central avenue. on the side of the road, police say west admitted being armed. according to the charging documents, officer harris gave him verbal comans getting him off the bike and on to the ground in a prone position. he was then placed in handcuffs. officer sanders discovered a loaded recommendington .870 shotgun in a guitar soft case. and two others wpons were found. a .9 millimeter and a shotgun similar to this one. and they also found 112 shotgun shells. >> these charges carrying up to three years in jail for each
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offense. so potentially he could be looking at some jail time here. i don't know the sentencing guidelines ar going to require that, but we will have to see how that plays ought over time. >> reporter: west has not yet hired an attorney. state's attorney expects a trial date to be set in january. west has not commented on his arrest, but his father did, telling reporters that his son was protecting himself. west has said he suffers from bipolar disorder. he left training camp last year to get treatment for depression. paul wagner, fox 5 news. dodgers in maryland, watch out for the hand washing police. state health officials are starting a new program that monitors nurses and doctors to see if they are washing their hands. it's really more about compllecketing information on hand washing in hospitals than punishing doctors who don't scrub up. they will use the information
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for a statewide report on hand washing. cdc says if you're sick with the flu, it's probably swine flu. the director of the cdc said today the h1n1 flu is a lot more common right now than the seasonal flu. >> flu continues to be widespread and virtually all of the flu that we're diagnosing is still h1n1. so we're seeing almost no seasonal flu yet. what the rest of the season will hold, only time will tell. >> the cdc also says because swine flu is so widespread, this flu season is unlike any other in the last 50 years. coming up next here at 6:00, the votes are almost in. who is going to take over the virginia governor's seelt. live team coverage from the candidates' headquarters coming up. and melanie has a warning for online bagain hunters. >> reporter: from crest white strips to baby formula, even razors, you may find great deals online, but you may be getting less than what you paid for. we have what you need to know
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straight ahead at 6:00. 
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less than an hour left to cast your vote in virginia, the race everyone is watching. tim kaine seen here at the polls in richmond this morning voting for his own replacement. it will be one of these two men, democratic creigh deeds or republican bob mcdonnell who seems poised to take back the governor's seat for the gop. we are live at the headquarters in richmond. >> reporter: brian, you know, not just here in virginia, but republicans across the country are keeping a close eye on this virginia campaign tonight. the reason, only a year after barack obama was the first democratic presidential candidate to take virginia, republicans now seem poised for a comeback in this state. now, paint the picture of what has gone on here the last couple of years. democrats have been on a winning streak.
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they have taken two previous races, two previous democratic u.s. senate races, and now only 12 months after barack obama took this state, republican bob mcdonnell does seem poised to regain the seat for the republicans. today, it was kind of a back to the future tour for mcdonnell. he toured four locations throughout the state which he been critical and key in in his life. he went to virginia beach where he used to represent that area, and finally he will turn here tonight, brian, into richmond where he has served for t past three and a half years as virginia's attorney general, hoping tonight to claim victory as the next governor of the state of virginia. >> democratic challenger creigh deeds hopes his last minute campaigning closed that double digit lead. maureen is covering that campaign live also in richmond, although it looks empty is there. >> reporter: hello, brian. don't count them out just yet. that is the message here
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tonight. we're at the westin hotel in richmond for the state democrat results party. sts not looking much like a party now, but the polls are not closed yet. there is still a lot of hope. that is the message throughout the day at the deeds' campaign. the mood has been one of optimism, but you can see this is a campaign that realizes that the odds of a win are fading fast. from start to finish, the polls have shown that deeds is trailing in double digits in most cases. he has insisted the only poll that matters is the one today, and there have been some glimers of hope. there are democratic strong holds, and we are hearing from the deeds camp that voter turnout is higher than expected. the theme of the results party is all in for virginia. the candidate saying they need everyone to be all in for them to pull off a victory throughout the state today. back here live at the results party, theystill believe this could happen. i know it seems quiet here, but again, the theme is not until
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the polls close, don't count them out yet. we will wait to see. we will have the latest for you tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. brian back to you. there are a lot of other races in the commonwealth and maryland. we will bring you live results throughout the night on raisers, advil, baby formula, things a lot of us use and save some cash on. why some deals aren't what they seem, could even make you sick. we'll be right back.
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> fox 5 news brought to you by: online deals for pricey health and beauty products may seem like a great bargain, but buyer beware. we have an alert you need to know before you buy. melanie has more. >> reporter: everyone is looking for a little discount these days, but urebleged be
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careful where you shop. criminals are using the internet to sell stolen goods yoon line so the great deal you see could end up being a dangerous dud. what do crest white strips, jillette razors have in common? they are pricey products and prime targets for thieves. that's why you see more items behind the counter these days. shoplifting has become more than just a petty crime. large organized crime rings are stealing huge quantities of merchandise and selling it on the secondhand market. this is store surveillance video of two men stealing stacks of dvds. scott krugman, vice-president at the national retail federation says the tough economy has made it a big problem. >> what we're seeing right now is a very frugal consumer. we have sophisticated criminals that are preying on that frugality. >> reporter: with fragile
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products like baby formula, over-the-counter medicines, consumer who take the bait are taking their chances with spoilage. >> in some cases, they are changing expiration dates, they are ignoring directions in in terms of how the products should be stored, and this is posing health risks to the consumers that are buying the products. >> reporter: other items on the hot list, weight loss pills, advil, pregnancy tests, and zan tack. stores are keeping a watchful eye on the prime targets. >> our best defense is the surveillance system that we monitor anywhere and all the time. >> reporter: and consumers are cautioned to buy from reputable sources they know and trust to make sure that great deal isn't a dangerous dud. now, data collected from a nationwide theft reporting system shows that washington, d.c., new york, los angeles, miami, and san francisco are the citi that are targeted the most by these groups. and brian, actually it turns out
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that saturdays between 3:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon is the most comon time for these organized retail crimes. >> thank you for that. all over the board today, but at least we squeezed in a nice one. >> we did. we got up to 67 degrees today. it was a nice afternoon. we have had a weak front move through, and now we go into the frost zone tonight. we will be talking about that. but first here's a look at how we started o day, a bit of fog across the bridge. we so appreciate your weather photos. it allows us to see what's going on all over the place. so continue sending them at lots of ways to upload that. so we thank you indeed. now, tonight it won't be fog, but frost under clear skies with light winds that we will be worried about tonight. everywhere west of 95 with the exception of baltimore and d.c. you can see the temperatures drop into the 30s tonight.
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you may as well leave all your plants in because we have a couple more very cold nights coming up this week. in the white up through pennsylvania and portions of new jersey, we have freeze warnings, so definitely the season has started. thts the most widespread frost advisory we have seen and probably be among the last, because once stuff is dead it doesn't come back. temperatures are really crashing pretty fast now down to 52 degrees up in haggerston and frederick. we will stay in the 50s for the next few hours and quickly fall into the 40s, and everyone should head to the 30s tonight. our forecast overnight, the frost advisory is from 1:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the morning. patchy frost for the suburbs, low to mid-30s combnted, especially now that the wind is getting lighter. but we did have gusts approaching 30 miles per hour today. tomorrow will be a cooler day. we will have plenty of sunshine, 54 degrees. but tomorrow night, we could see a quick shower passing through the region.
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at 8:00 in the morning, plan on sunglasses and lots of sunshine and a jacket. by noon, we should be partly sunny at 52 and becoming overcast by 5:00. i think the showers will hold off a little bit longer. they will be coming with a frontal system. that's going to be whipping through and allowing our winds to get lighter and the temperatures to drop. and of course those clear skies, but a big area of high pressure builds in for tomorrow. that will be sitting on top of us for a little while. and tomorrow night, a second front is going to come through, and as that happens, we may pick up a couple of showers. again, ahead of the front, but the front will be out of here quickly, and we will have a decent breeze to deal with on thursday and friday. game 6 of the world series tomorrow night, it's going to be chilly anddry. we're forecasting partly cloudy skies for game 6 at the new yankees stadium, 42 to 36, headed down to the 30s. so you will see the pitchers blowing in their hands a lot. tonight at 6:00, we're not even
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seeing much in the way of cloud cover. and wanted to show you very briefly that we do scoot a few showers through here in the overnight hours, light stuff, and it looks like it will be late evening into the 10:00 hour, so we will keep you post odden that. after we get through that, it looks like we're in good shape as we head into the weekend. here's the five-day forecast. tomorrow's temperature, 54 degrees. significantly cooler than today was. we stay kind of chilly after we chase the showers out of here. friday looks breezy as well. but saturday and sunday, brian, right now on track to be sunny and dry, and if thas the case, it will be the first time in four weeks that we have had a dry weekend as you know. >> we're feeling it. >> the kids got wet trick or treating i take it. >> they did. >> we had almost 6 inchess of rain in october, so it was a wet october. maybe we will change our pattern a little bit for november. >> that means a drought is banned. >> we don't have to talk about drought. the governor of new yo is facing a lot of questions about
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some world series tickets. the new york poise is rorlting the governor secretly solicited five free tickets to last week's series opener, all the time claiming the yanks invited him to the game. but the yankees president says he never offered the governor free tickets. new york state law bans giving free tickets to officials. dan snyder breaking his silence for the first time this dismal season. his apology to the fans coming up next. but first, possibly... maybe... perhaps? a record breaking catch in maryland. check out this massive 62 pound golden tile fish. caught about 60 miles off ocean city. the angler say the thing nearly pulled him out of his boat, took 20 minutes to reel him in. warm pillsbury cookies
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good evening, i'm dave feldman. is daniel snide certify note happy with the way his team has been playing, and today he apologized to the fans. in a rare interview at one of the redskins' many charity stops, snyder spoke about the team's start and his hope for the future. >> we feel frustration and we feel sorry for our fans. performance to date is not what we expected, and we hope to turn that around beginning this sunday in atlanta. >> snyder has been public enemy number one among redskins fans. he has been blasted on toque radio, in the papers, and by many signs that used to be allowed to be brought to fedex field. rock cart wright has asked if he took all the criticism personally. >> i know i do. that's me. i don't know how you really -- every other team handles it, but i know it. i like to prove people wrong and
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shut people up. so hopefully we will get a win and shut a lot of people up and get this thing turned around. >> also, jim zorn says he plans on expanding the role of dang low hall as the team's primary punt returner, and he said santana in moss will be used. ovechkin is off the rink, but is expected back in a couple of weeks. observie was hurt in sunday's overtime loss to columbus, and he has missed three games due to injury in his career. do you think this will be a long-term injury? >> i don't know. it's -- we will see how it goes, but i hope it's going to be
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quicker. >> i don't have a clue. i don't even know -- i know it's an upper body strain, but i don't know what that means. so i mean, i just know that he's played -- he's very tolerant of pain, and he's -- he wants to play so badly, so knowing -- given those two equations, that's why i'm saying if anybody can be back sooner, it's him. >> the world series continues on fox tomorrow night. the yanks try and close it out in the bronx. you can catch game 6 here on fox 5. our coverage will begin at 7:30. d.c. united says the coach will not beack next year. his contract expires at the end of 2009. the team says it will start searching for a new replacement immediately. i'm dave feldman, you're caught newspaper sports. the news is always on at a look at election night, a lot of results coming in, realtime information on the website.
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we will have updates throughout the night and back here tonight at 10:00 for a full recap. you
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